Laugh, Smile, and More!

I have a good, hearty laugh and an energetic handshake, and those are trump cards. ~ Albert Camus
Joy is infectious.  Especially when someone combines their joy with radiant energy it is natural to be attracted to that person.  Though I don’t recommend that people over-ride their real feelings with fake one’s, I do encourage people to be mindful of how their moods impact themselves and others.  That’s why setting the intention to be joyful and energetic can actually lead you into a joyful and energetic mood.  Here are some ways to do so!  First, smile!  Yep, just smile.  Exaggerate your smile if you need to, especially just before you enter a room where other people may be relying on you to be in an up mood.  Next, practice a good hearty laugh by saying to yourself when alone, “Ha, ha, ha.  Ha, ha, ha.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”  Sure it will sound fake.  And, you may even feel pretty stupid.  But, that very same feeling of “this is silly” may actually put you into a silly mood where your fake attempt at a hearty laugh becomes very real.  Then there is this one. Yell out loud, ‘Yahoo!”  Do this as you leap out of bed (especially if you are worried you will have a lousy day).  Do it in your car, just before you enter work or your home, or if you can pull it off in front of a group of people.  Of course people will wonder what you are up to.  But, you may actually get them laughing in a hearty way with you.  And, for a time your worries may melt away bringing you that much more energy in your life and lifting your overall mood.  


To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love


About Dr. Lisa Love

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