Making the Most of It

Main Quote

You play the hand you’re dealt. I think the game’s worthwhile. ~ Christopher Reeve

Dr. Lisa Love Coaching Tip

What I love most about the above quote is it’s source.  I became a huge fan of Christopher Reeve’s true superhuman capacity, when he became a quadriplegic and  despite the horrible tragedy he went through, he truly played the hand he was dealt with spectacular love and strength.  Now, I know as much as the next person what it is like to want to indulge in my own pity party and lament the hand I have at times been dealt.  I’m not going to pretend that tough times don’t require their own level of sorting through some emotional turbulence before you arrive at the point of thinking the game you are now forced to play is worthwhile.  So feel sad, mad, confused, afraid, jealous even!  Feel your emotions because they are frequently cards in the hand you’ve been played.  Then, get busy learning how to process these emotions well so you can set those cards down and draw some new one’s like: faith, hope, optimism, courage, dignity, wisdom, clarity, and even love.  That’s the premise behind my Thrive Not Survive book.  Learning to handle these emotional states well.  Why?  So, you can keep playing those cards well enough to eventually pull off enough of a winning hand to realize that the game of self-discovery and learning to love yourself and others is in fact the only worthwhile game in town.

About Dr. Lisa Love

Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, Attracting Real Love, and Thrive Not Survive!.  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction coach. There’s a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast!  Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way.  Discover what I can do for you.  Call now!   Plus, visit my website at to get a variety of free gifts I offer to you! 

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