Say, Not Just Pray, Your Gratitude

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~ Gladys Browyn Stern

It’s absolutely wonderful to give thanks.  And, here is a wonderful way to  share your gratitude with others.  It’s a ritual I’ve had for years right around this time of year (coinciding with the USA holiday of Thanksgiving).  Sit down and make up a list of all the people who did something wonderful for you this past year — big or small.  Then, pick up the phone or take out a thank you card and share it with the person who you owe gratitude too.  Of course, you can also go high tech with an Email or Ecard (though I believe the personal touch is better).  And, if you can go ahead and share your gratitude in person.  You might be pleasantly surprised how people respond to you, especially if several months had passed. Plus, it feels so good to not only pray your gratitude, but say your gratitude.  Just try it.  Others will be grateful too!

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love

About Dr. Lisa Love

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