How Real Love Can Save Our Economy

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb. –Robert Browning

Imagine a world where what we want most of all is the good for each other!  Imagine a world where the measure of success is no longer based on how good you look, how much stuff you have, how rich you are, or how famous you have become.  But, a world where the measure of success is based upon how well you love others, how much time you spend really seeing and appreciating the world around you, how much wisdom you gain, and how often you treat everything and everyone with care (instead of being care – less).  I have imagined such a world.  And, though I often am an incomplete and imperfect picture of the what I call the “soul success game,” I would much prefer to strive, sometimes fail, yet strive again after this kind of “soul-opoly.” 
So, how can striving to be a “soul success” through the power of real love save our economy?  To begin with people may learn that instead of living in bigger and bigger homes with increasingly empty rooms, it is better to build and live within a “lighted” house.  What is a “lighted house?”  Basically, it is a home where every room is filled with light and life.  Each room is utilized as well as all the items within the room itself.  And, as people frequent the rooms they fill the rooms with their curiosity, wonder, love, and joy.  There is no sense of stagnation.  No feeling of emptiness.  Just life, vitality, and an opportunity to appreciate more what comes in and out of the four walls and space within. 
Just this, and this alone, will begin to shift the focus away from excess, waste, and neglect to a sense of depth.  Why?  Because depth comes about when we actually use the stuff we own and treat it well.  We fully absorb and relate to whatever we acquire or with the people we meet.  In short, we become intimate!  We connect.  We learn to understand each other.  And, in this way we are able to love each other a little more.  Not through wanting more and more for ourselves.  But, by wanting what is really good for the people and items we come into contact with and care about.
And, how does this help the economy further?  Maybe in doing this we will revisit the notion of sharing.  For example, the empty rooms of our homes might more readily be shared with others who need a place to stay.  The unused goods that we have hoarded and neglected might be circulated so that those who could appreciate them and benefit from them will have access to them.  Recycling won’t be seen as just turning in your bottles and cans so they can be used again.  It will be seen as learning to love, by fully appreciating and using, all that we have so that it is “loved up” (versus used up).  It is fully taken in and digested so that all the nutrients that are available in whatever we acquire, or through whomever we come in contact with, are assimilated so they nourish our hearts, minds, emotions, and bodies. 
No longer waste-full, we will become soul-full.  We will care.  We will love.  And, in doing so our hearts will open and be filled with real love.  And, as the power of love overtakes the love of power our streets will be filled with love and light.  Our homes will be peaceful and safe havens.  Our minds and emotions will be free of fear.  Best of all, our children will grow up nourished and cared for in a world filled with love, light, and spiritual power.  I can hardly wait for such a world to be born. 

Dr. Lisa Love

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