Soul Success – Introductory Chapter Excerpt

Have you ever wanted to know how to live a great life whether events went the way you intended them to or not? Have you ever wondered how you could feel full of joy even when life seemed to be sending you down a difficult road? Wouldn’t it be great to live a rewarding life no matter what? Or, recapture the wonder, confidence, and enthusiasm you had as a child?

The truth is you can, though not by changing the outer circumstances of your life, though that may help. Rather, a true and lasting transformation will happen only as you change how you relate to yourself, the people, and the world around you. In short, change has to take place from the inside out. Not in some haphazard quick fix way, but by undergoing an amazing and profound transformation that will give you a totally new way of living in the world so you can feel joyful no matter what events are happening around you or to you.

In fact, I believe today millions (if not billions) of people around the world are in the midst of such a transformation. Why? Because the chaos of outer events is forcing such an inner transformation to take place. And, if it doesn’t, it might lead to the destruction of the entire human race. If it does, then as a human family we may finally discover what it truly means to be a success in life. We will learn to live by a definition of success that brings us back to living according to values that acknowledge our common humanity, cherish our Earth, and create an atmosphere that is prosperous and joyful for all.

Unlike before in human history, however, this transformational change cannot, and will not, occur though governments, religions, or other organizations imposing a set of rules on us of how to behave. It will only happen when the souls of human beings awaken to an understanding of how to master of our thoughts and feelings in such a way we can attract and create a new and better world that is beneficial to everyone, and not only ourselves.

But, this kind of transformation will require a deep shift in the interior part of our lives. Because if we attempt to fix only the exterior (in terms of money, security, status) without making an interior shift it will be more of the “same-o, same-o.” What does the “same-o” entail? Mostly the same old habit of attracting a notion of success based only on externals (like getting a package with shiny and pretty wrapping paper), without carefully paying attention to what the inside of the box really has to offer us. Though these externals may excite us at first, as we have seen with the economic meltdown due to the housing bubble burst, once the box is opened it may either be empty or reveal a mess inside that we now have to contend with whether we want to or not.

No more! It’s time for a revolution — a revolution of the heart and spirit. It’s time to put the horse (or soul) before the cart (or ego) so you can make a change and attract a life filled with love, peace, hope, and joy to you no matter what the externals look. Isn’t that what we all want? To enjoy and love our lives no matter what? Well, this book will help you. Because once you understand what soul success vs. ego success looks like, and learn to attract a “soul success story” into your life you will be a success and feel like a success no matter what occurs to you.

And, you will learn this through the clear and practical steps that this book is filled with that help you master your thoughts and feelings and direct them along spiritual lines. Failing to move through these steps in a spiritual way means despite any external display of outer success you will still feel like a failure inside. Feeling like a failure you may even blow up your external successes and possibly resort to addictive and destructive behaviors. But, as a soul success you will be a success no matter what, and shift your thoughts and feelings in such a way you will never lose touch with the source of love, peace, hope, and joy in your life ever again.


Dr. Lisa Love

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