What Inner Success REALLY Means and How to Achieve It!


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill


In a recent radio interview featuring me and my SOUL SUCCESS: How to Create Joy & Prosperity in Good Times or Bad book, the interviewer ended the call enthusiastically proclaiming to his world-wide audience that a lot of well-known authors on his site were teaching people how to succeed, but no one he had ever spoken with had taught anything like I had about how to fail. Let me tell you what he meant by those words.

To begin with how many times have you tried something and failed in your life? Once, twice, twenty times, a hundred times or more? If so, what keeps you going? What keeps you motivated to keep on trying?

Chances are you will only move forward IF…

You have a spiritual practice or spiritual values that guide uplift and guide you.
You believe in what you are trying to do and move forward no matter what.

And, you will only move forward IF…

You know how to master the four levels of mind and the six emotions!

Why is this so important? Because to succeed you have to keep on stay inspired (mind level one), have a practical plan for success (mind level two), keep motivated (mind level three), and have a proper sense of timing (mind level four). And, you need to know how to rise above fear, sorrow, anger, jealousy, confusion, and even a false sense of naive optimism (or happiness) to move forward. Then, and only then, will you maintain the wisdom, optimism, enthusiasm, and joy to keep believing, adjusting, learning, growing, and moving forward into eventual success.

Yes. It’s true! I want to teach you how to fail, especially in such a way, your seeming failure results in a bounce that catapults you forward in ways you have not experienced before. And, I do so by giving you dozens of practical insights, techniques, and exercises in my Soul Success book so you can finally learn how to bounce in the way you are meant to.

And, I’ve made reading my SOUL SUCCESS: How to Create Joy & Prosperity in Good Times or Bad book totally risk free for you, by letting you review it for 7 days before buying the book. But, I know you will keep this book, which is why I am offering you a number of bonus gift including the Meditation Flow music CD from the group Sancorpe, discount coupons for my workshops and services, my free Meditation: The Path to Peace ebook, and more!

I know I can help you BOUNCE and more forward, either through my Ebook or coaching sessions. Need more information? Feel free to give me a call. 858-356-8359.


Dr. Lisa Love

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