Notes From a Recovering Spiritual Addict


Priorities: Hundreds of years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different, because I did something so bazzingly crazy that my ruins became a tourist attraction -

Who could have imagined it? After what had amounted to decades of spiritual training, teaching, service, rigorous meditation practice, being a vegetarian, running for free one of the largest spirituality ecology, personal growth, alternative healing sites on the Internet, reading well over a thousand books (mostly on spirituality, self-help, and psychology), being trained by some incredible teachers, going through a number of intense mystical experiences (some even lasted non-stop for weeks), and earning a number of spiritual, transpersonal, psychological degrees, I of all people would want to take a break and go on what I called my “spiritual sabbatical.” Why?


Spiritual burn-out! Yes, I am a recovering spiritual addict.

Yep. It was time for me to acknowledge something similar to the title of a person’s book I really admire, Jack Kornfield. The name of the book? After the Ecstasy, The Laundry.

Or, maybe we could put it this way… After the Ecstasy.. I was…

* needing to focus more on finances.
* discovering what it was like to be a mother.
* learning the real nitty gritty lessons of relationships.
* finding out that sometimes “gurls (guru and girl combined) just want to have fun!”
* cleaning up in that washing machine the especially crusty stuff still sticking to me from my childhood.
* deciding at times it was better to sleep and zone out instead of meditate (and easier too!)
* learning as I went “beyond ananda” (like Swami Beyondananda — the comic alter ego of a friend of mine Steve Bhaerman), that sometimes you just have to say no matter how many realizations you have…”Heck if I know!”
* and so many more valuable lessons of being a human being, and not just a spiritual one.

So, why am I sharing this with you? Because there is something really incredible and different having gone through all of this in my new approach to spiritual work. And, it is based on the recognition that there is never really anything that exists outside of spiritual practice. It is all “grist for the mill.” Relaxing into this has brought a softness, humor, and ease into the whole process that too often did not exist in my life before. Plus, it is bringing a peaceful compassionate awareness regarding who I am (ultimately as the I AM, or One with all that is), and who I am (as the flawed but fantastic little speck of consciousness incarnate in a person named Lisa Love).

What then, was my spiritual sabbatical about and why do I feel it is over now? I think it was about taking a break from the intensity of a process and a practice that may at times have made me a bit too much. And, why do I now feel that sabbatical is over? Because as I ease back into a more rigorous practice I do so with a greater lightness in my approach. I don’t take it so seriously any more, though my intentions to practice again at a deeper and fuller level are still in place.

My hope for you then, is to be gentle as well as stern with yourself, and in balancing the two you find your own middle way. Then, you can even find ecstasy in the laundry, because you will enjoy learning about what is being sifted away, and what is emerging clean and fresh. Living more in the flow, instead of addicted to control, your spiritual practice will embrace more of everythng around you and within you with compassion and love.


Dr. Lisa Love

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3 Responses to Notes From a Recovering Spiritual Addict

  1. jdublyuh says:

    Dearest Dr. L. L. – So good for me to discover your existence with W’press. I find this particular blogsite platform ‘draped’ with typical ‘veiled awareness’ yet I fully accept that this part of our current cyclic awakening process. Some will ‘get it’ this time ’round, some will not unless of course humanity does achieve the so-termed ‘critical mass’ in heightened consciousness. I’m okay with it all as I surely use my life as example of a male energy having ‘roller-coastered’ for the most part simply due to choices. This past year I’ve reacquainted with SELF and my ego/altered ego components are gently taken to task, so to speak! Are you interested in linking your site with a less prominent quester? I’m at
    Love lift the veil – John W.

  2. amine akh says:

    what is more than affection and love

    it is the bliss of particles coming from

    brighter world.

    to be in tune with nature, in harmony with

    did not require any rituals practice!

    goal is immersion in the ocean of bliss, bliss, bliss

    heart is the capital of melting-pot

    wordless feels more than thousand of words, spechees,


    selfishness is to be first in peace within self,

    to spread in world subtles silent particles of energy

    all is fine, once the screen, is clean, clear, without

    any addiction, nor religions, nor rituals,

    the end of reality will start discovery of endless

    new dimension in permanent expansion

    to reach nothingness and supra-nothingness is the

    final goal of spirit to immerse this blissfull ocean!

  3. Nice blog, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. 🙂

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