Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life

Kerplunk Game

Kerplunk Game

Dear Friend,

If times are tough right now and you are going through fear, loss, sorrow, frustration, confusion, disappointment, desperation, anger, or more…

…. then I know I can help you. My name is Dr. Lisa Love and after decades of living through both good times and bad I know intimately that the number one thing that will help you get through is knowing how to heal and shift your emotions so they no longer stop you from moving forward in a powerful and successful way.

Consider this!  It’s a childhood game called Kerplunk that best illustrates why this program is so important for helping you recover from any difficult situation you are in.

Marbles = Thoughts
Pickup Sticks = Emotions
Tray Bottom = Actions Following Through

Now, the goal of the game is to get the marbles down through the chute to the bottom. Or, to get our thoughts into actions we follow through on. At times, however, our limiting beliefs prevent us from even putting the marbles into the tube. So, we never get started. But, if even we do get started and put our positive beliefs and thoughts (the marbles) into the tube, they can still get blocked. Why?

Because the pickup sticks represent all our unhealed emotions that sabotage our ability to follow through or act in the right way, despite all our positive thinking and good intentions. That’s why emotions are considered “the power factor of manifestation.” They e-mote us, or move us, into the direction we need to go to attract what we need to for a better life, or not!

The name of the game, then, isn’t just positive thinking it’s positive feeling! So, how do you get your feelings working at the highest state so they can aid you? Here’s how!

Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life CD Set

CD ONE: Shifting Fear Into Love
CD TWO: Shifting Confusion Into Clarity
CD THREE: Shifting Sorrow Into Compassion
CD FOUR: Shifting Anger Into Energy
CD FIVE: Shifting Jealousy Into Fulfillment
CD SIX: Shifting Happiness Into Joy
BONUS CD: Healing Your Emotions Visualizations

That’s right. In this program I will show you how you can shift six major emotional states into their highest level, where their true gifts can be revealed to you.

  • Learn about the giftseach emotion gives if you handle them at the highest level, allowing you to “remove the pickup sticks” or energy blocks that stop you from getting motivated, moving into action, and manifesting what you need to, especially in a harmonious way.
  • Discover how each emotion operates at an unhealthy, average, and healthy level.
  • Get a variety of practical exercises to help you shift each emotions in a positive way.
  • Be led through a visualization helping you to work with the emotion at the highest level.
  • Each CD is 60 minutes in length or longer.
  • Remember, when you feel as if your life is not going the way you wish it would, whether you are experiencing good times or bad, nothing seems quite right. Often that is because you don’t understand how to manage your emotions at a positive level. But, that no longer has to be the case. You can learn to gain mastery over your emotions and keep yourself positive, energized, and ready to act in an effective way.

    Wouldn’t you rather have love, clarity, compassion, energy, fulfilment, and joy in your life over fear, confusion, sorrow, anger, jealousy and fleeting moments of happiness?

    Then learn more about this CD SET HERE to heal your life once and for all.


    Dr. Lisa Love

    Dr. Lisa Love Website

    Copyright © 2009 by Lisa Love. All Rights Reserved.

    About Dr. Lisa Love

    Check out my NEW BOOK: SOUL SUCCESS: How to Create Joy & Prosperity in Good Times or Bad Buy the book and receive bonus gifts at my website.

    Best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction. She is also a Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction, and Tranformational coach. There’s a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast! Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way. Contact me to discover what I can do for you.

    FREE GIFTS ON MY WEBSITE: Go to: http://www.doctorlisalove. com/freegifts.html

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    1. Nigel says:

      I love this (even though I should be working). Thanks. Joy is yours.

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