FREE Coaching Into Greater Health & Financial Freedom

quote134Times can be tough in this economy, I know. But, there are still opportunities out there for you that help you build wealth doing something you love.

I was looking for an opportunity myself for over two years. I was especially interested in the trend towards anti-oxidant juice products, but of the companies I explored, something about the product or company wasn’t working for me. Then I found EIRO and I signed upimmediately. Already, I am experiencing a significant jump in my health and income.

And, I WANT YOU to have greater health and financial freedom too.


1. You Succeed, I Succeed. It’s that simple. That’s why I an willing to make a total commitment to your success and want you on my Eiro team! And, I want to help you learn how to make this business simple, so you can succeed at the highest level with a minimal effort of only a few hours a week.

2. Free Coaching. Normally, I charge upwards to $300 an hour for my coaching services. Now, how about getting my services for free? If you are part of my Eiro team that is what you will be receiving as I help you grow your business, improve your health, and move into financial freedom.

3. Empowering You to Believe. Belief in the product, belief in the company, and belief in yourself is crucial to your success. Workingwith me I will help you not only believe, but succeed. Let’s get started, have fun, be healthy, and live the life we are meant to. Visit my website for extensive information on EIRO, and call me for an interview to learn more.

My EIRO Website.
My Email Address.
My Phone Number. 858-356-8359

What is EIRO?

The website says it all. But, just to let you know, here are the Top Five Reasons I chose Eiro over all the other companies I researched out there.

1. The Opportunity. EIRO is totally at the ground level and those of us already familiar with networking marketing know how important it can be if you get in early.

2. The Product.. All natural and healthy ingredients, great taste, easy to use, easy to carry with you, really easy to sell.

3. The Team.. In the early 1990’s I mentored under some top leaders in a network marketing business who taught me how to do this business in ways I never dreamed possible. Those same leaders are in charge of the launch and success of EIRO

4. The Social Networking.. As a huge social networking fan I was especially excited to get involved with a company that understands how social networking can be used to generate sales and build a business. Remember, this is the wave of the future.

5. The Chance to Grow.. One of the best ways to generate wealth is to be involved in something that helps you make money while you sleep, and network marketing helps you to do so. Plus, EIRO helps you do it even better. You just have to know how to make it work.


My EIRO Website.
My Email Address.
My Phone Number. 858-356-8359

Call me or Email me to find out more!

One Response to FREE Coaching Into Greater Health & Financial Freedom

  1. Hello Doctor Lisa,

    Were you named Lisa Love at birth ??? I tried to go to your ieiro website, but could not get there. The item and concept interest me very much, as do your Soul to Spirit, Love the Movies pholosphies. I joined your email list and look forward to participating in learning and coaching activities with UUUU !!! Please help me get into your website at, etc… THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!! Robert Fournier

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