A Hug Fest & The Innocence of Genuine Love

Imagine opening a door and being greeted by five children ages 5 to 1 1/2 who don’t even know you, running to the door and smothering you with hugs.  As for me, I don’t have to imagine it.  It happened to me today.  I was visiting the home of a woman who was taking care of her elderly mother who also ran a day care center.  Right away when the door opened a 5 year old boy ran up to me and asked for a hug.  Years ago I used to work with small children.  I learned from that experience to always drop down to the eye level of a child when interacting with them, to help them feel more secure and loved.  So I responded to the boy by squatting down and he immediately fell into my arms and gave me a deep warm hug.  Lovingly I held him close and hugged him back.

That was followed by two of the other children (ages 4  & 3) leaping into the pile putting their arms around me.  So, I joyfully extended my arms and hugged us all closely together.  To my amazement the 2 year old made his way into the pile, and even the one and a half year old crawled up where I picked him up into my arms and then the five children and myself all hugged one another. 

Barely able to get in the door because the children were all over me, I tried to get inside further, and as I did the five children all lined up to one side from tallest to smallest like little ducklings, and all stood patiently in line wanting their own individual hug.  I went through the line and hugged each one of them.  Then they wanted another round of hugs, so I gladly obliged them.  This was followed by one more pile into my arms where we hugged again.  Then gingerly I stepped into the door lovingly untangling them from my legs as I attempted to walk.

Now remember something.  These children and myself were complete strangers.  And, yet it was one of the most amazing experiences of genuine love and caring I have ever had and possibly anyone will ever get.  And, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Why aren’t we all like this?  What has happened to us as we grow older that we don’t greet each other more in this fashion?”

Think about it.  What kind of world would this be if when we met each other for the first time we did so wide eyed with joy and full of love and trust, just wanting to give our love freely and simply to each other, and be loved that way in return?  What if we just automatically opened our hearts and held each other in a totally respectful, safe, and loving way?  No doubt we would feel like those children did.  We would all be so enraptured by it, we would just want to pile in. 

 What I also want to share is how during the hugging process I could literally feel the love radiating from my heart.  And, it felt as if I was absorbing the heart radiation of the children as well.  Sadly, I had to break the hug fest and attend to the conversation with the day care mother I had come to engage in.  But, no surprise as I moved back to the door to leave, the children lined up like ducks in a row and started their hug fest again. 

Again I happily obliged because in short it doesn’t get any better than this!

Share the love everyone!

Happy Holidays and a big hug to you all! 

Love and blessings,


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