A Tender Heart – Another Spontaneous Poem

(Reflections on handling a friend who cut me off, and the surprise
happy ending that took place just as I ended writing this poem).

You don’t write and you don’t call.
You don’t respond, not at all.

I can’t reach you to thaw your heart.
I don’t even know where to start.

I could feel angry, I could feel sad.
I just go inward, where peace is had.

Within the silence, the quiet calm,
I find in Spirit a healing balm.

By deepening the love inside,
It’s easier to set my hurt aside.

There are mysteries not meant to be solved,
In the ocean of space they are best dissolved.

Yet, I am grateful for this wound, this gift.
As joy and compassion help me shift.

May Spirit bless you and hold you in light.
Resting in essence, I know it’s all right!

Love to you!


(Note: How fascinating! I literally just typed “Lisa” and then immediately got a text message from this very friend wanting to finally reach out. It has been a wonderful lesson to keep shifting into a spirit of understanding and compassion, instead of moving into hurt and anger. Love truly does heal. I recommend it to everyone).

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