Accessing Bliss – My Favorite Meditation

I’ve often told people that the best sex I ever had was when I was single blissing out in meditation.  And, here is one meditation I know of that helps get the whole body vibrating and buzzing.  Ironically, it is a meditation on death.  Or, to put it another way, it is a meditation on realization of Self, the Self that we all are, our Infinite Being.

Though I recommend that most meditations happen when we sit up, this one can also be done lying down.  And, though I don’t always recommend music with it, there are a few songs that have aided the process for me, tipping me over into an expanded state even more when combined with this meditation.  (Only problem is sometimes when I play those songs again they reactivate a small measure of this bliss state and trance me right out.  Not a good thing when driving.  Once I even discovered I had driven an hour the wrong way, before I knew where I was.  Wasn’t even sure who was driving the car the whole time before I realized where I was.  So, warning, do not listen to songs you use with the meditation while driving, as it may not be good for you).

Step One.  To begin with take several deep breaths.  As you inhale realize that you are Spirit breathing into the body.  You are not a body (or a person) breathing in Spirit.  Rather, you are like Spirit almost finding a way to breathe through this little air bubble known as you.  And, as you exhale experience the freedom of no longer being limited in the body, but rather freed from the limitations of the body once more.

 Step Two.  Continue to breathe in this way.  As you do so notice how with each inhale you are attempting to dissolve the body (or person), and with each exhale you have succeeded at this, dissolving the body and how it limits you as Spirit just a little bit more.

Step Three.  As you (Spirit) continue to dissolve the body feel a growing spaciousness in the body.  Get a sense of the body humming and vibrating.  Sense the space between the various atoms in the body, and sense that space getting wider and wider.

Step Four.  Eventually you may even start to experience your “body” as filling up more space, maybe even the entire space of the room you are in.  If so, expand your sense of “breathing” only this time start to dissove the space of the room.  Sense all the atoms in the room vibrating and sense you (Spirit) dissolving the restrictions of this space, until even the room cannot hold you.  Also, continue to experience the growing pulse of atoms vibrating and the space between atoms expanding.

Step Five.  Continue this expansion of the space.  As Spirit sense yourself filling up the whole building/home you are in and then dissolving it and expanding beyond it.  Then expand into the town you are in, the state, the country, until you feel as if the space you fill up takes up the entire planet.  As you go through each step get a greater and greater sense of the humming vibration and pulse of trillions or zillions of atoms.  Get a sense of the expanding state you as Spirit truly reside in.

Step Six.  Continue!  Only this time expand beyond the planet and fill up the space of the solar system.  Then see the sun go supernova expanding to consume and include the whole solar system in light.  Then realize this is only one solar system of many that you as Spirit are.  Begin to include hundreds and even millions of solar systems until you have expanded into a galaxy.  Then go beyond that, to consume, expand, and include millions and billions of galaxies. 

Step Seven.  Continue until you can go as far as you can go in your consumption, expansion, and inclusion of all as Spirit.  The Spirit that you are.  And, when you get to a point where the intensity of the vibration is too much (at times I feel my body will go through a radical combustion and explode into the space around me), just focus on the hum, the vibration.  Sense it.  Hear it.  BE IT.  For you are it.  When the echo of that hum and vibration finally ends, bring your focus back to your breathing in the body.  Take some time to just absorb all of this.  And, be extra careful when you get up and start your day.

Love and blessings,


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