Musings of a Modern Mystic – Enlightenment

In 1989 my reality was shattered as I went through a series of experiences that lasted for months. For the next ten years I spent nearly all my energy and time attempting to understand all that had occurred. And, though I intend to finally begin to share these experiences with the public in coming years, I will summarize my main understanding here.

Enlightenment is an experience that reveals at the deepest level that we are ONE with all.

And, actually to say “we are ONE” is misleading as it implies disunity in unity. Still, the illusion of separation persists. “I” Lisa continue to have a seemingly separate body and life from the “I” that is Oneness. For me personally, learning to integrate this paradox has been another substantial challenge, especially living in Western society with its extreme focus on independence and having a separate self.

That separate sense of self also leads to a number of seeming entitlements, especially from a Law of Attraction point of view. Challenging these entitlements was the purpose of my BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power & the Law of Attraction book. Because the Law of Attraction as overwhelmingly taught is based upon the false notion of a separate self entitled to attract and get whatever it wants. And, because the Universe is abundant we are supposed to not worry about this approach. That is like identifying with only my hand at the expense of my whole body and thinking it is ok for my hand to suck up all the blood for its own benefit alone. This is not only an unenlightened approach, it flies in the face of everything enlightenment reveals to you. It flies in the face of love itself.

And, here is the secret… LOVE is what is abundant! That is what enlightenment reveals. Attracting love because you ARE love is what matters most in your life, so you can be the manifestation of love that you are!

How to do this, be the love that you are, has been the increased challenge of my life since my 1989 experiences, and at least on the path I have been on that has not always been easy. Despite popular notions enlightenment experiences do not wash away all the life difficulties of your small seemingly separated self. My own life taught me that, which is why I like books like After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield and Halfway up the Mountain a compliation by various spiritual authors. We still need to live in this world within all its joys and sorrows and learn how to love and be loved within it. At least, that has been my learning, which I am increasingly willing to finally share with you.

Side note: Popular modern teachers I feel resonate most with my approach to a spiritual use of the law of attraction found in my BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power & the Law of Attraction book because they seem to have a deeper understanding of the experience of Oneness. And, I feel that get that is it is important to use the law of attraction to attract based upon the Oneness you are, not the little self you confuse yourself to be.

* Jack Kornfield
* Wayne Dyer
* Deepak Chopra
* Marianne Williamson
* Eckhart Tolle
* Bryon Katie
* Ram Dass

And, so many spiritually realized teachers who have influenced my life not listed above who I will talk about more in posts to come.

Love and blessings,


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Dr. Lisa Love

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