Opening the Heart Beyond Fear and Suffering

Dear Dr. Lisa,

It has been very difficult for me lately to keep my heart flowing. I am troubled by so much of what I see. It seems fear is increasing every day. Will the human family ever learn another way to be together? Are we heading into desperate times? Is it possible to stay open to love in these circumstances?

San Jose, CA

Dear Maria,

Listening to the news and focusing on current events, it does seem like a cloud is presently being cast on the human family. Suffering has always been part of the human experience. It is only at certain times, such as now, where it is thrown more visibly into the spotlight. In a similar fashion, the lower aspects of human nature have always been with us. The capacity for humans to be greedy, to hate, to seek out revenge, to be cruelly indifferent to other life, be it human or otherwise, remains.

Though at times I also feel deeply saddened by this, I attempt to keep my heart and mind open to the higher components of human nature including love, goodwill, compassion, beauty, and wisdom. By emphasizing these higher elements of human nature, they are fed in myself and others. Here is where I put my energy, and what I would encourage you to do as well.

As I say this, I am not encouraging a blind process that ignores or hides cruelty, suffering, and hypocrisy in human behavior. For myself, I attempt daily to keep aware of the problems of violence, poverty, and cruelty taking place on a global and local scale. I also do my best to remain cognizant of small acts of suffering and cruelty that often arise from a lack of heart-felt understanding even between friends and family members.

Life can be hard confronting the darker side of human nature. But, there is a way to face it with hope, faith, and love. To feed these, I also keep a keen eye and ear out for the positive aspects of human nature. Even if it is a small gesture, I attempt to record it in my mind so it may feed my heart whenever I need it. I also believe in the fundamental goodness of human beings, and that goodwill does have the power to bring us together.

Beyond these activities, there is also a meditative practice I undergo when I feel my own heart is getting clogged down with grief, anger, fear and despair. It is a simple meditation that involves placing my attention within region of my heart. Here I either imagine light and love cleansing the area of my chest and heart region, or I simply breath slowly and gently in the heart area. As I do either of these exercises I pay attention to sensations of warmth and a spaciousness in that region. At times when a release of the pain, anger, or fear begins tears may come, which I allow to flow. If I am working on a great deal of pain, fear, or anger, I may have to go through this exercise a number of times, before I feel the effect.

Going through this practice on a regular basis helps you remain a loving and compassionate human being regardless of outer circumstances. When you fail to do this and give in to desapir, fear, or hatred it is like chipping off pieces of your soul, your humanity. And, it is this chipping away process that causes so many people to slip into becoming just another hardened human being. But, no time is too desperate a time to sacrifice our humanity to the darker side of our natures. Rather, it is always the right time to keep our hearts open so the love can flow. Remember, it is possible to stay open to love in difficult circumstances. In fact, it is a necessity since love is something none of us can afford to live without.

In Peace,

Dr. Lisa
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