What Will Help the Money to Flow?

Dear Dr. Lisa,

I never seem to have enough money to reach my goals in life. I’ve tried some spiritual affirmations and visualizations, but they don’t seem to really work. What can I do to change this situation and finally get the monetary flow I need?

South Bend, IN. USA

Dear David,

The question of money is an interesting one in my own spiritual life. This is why I wrote the book Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction that was based in part on my Ph.D. research on the interface between wealth and spirituality. Through this research, I examined what the various religious traditions (ancient and modern) have to say about money. And, I studied the lives of multi-millionaires and billionaires to get their take on how to use money in a spiritual way (or not).

Though my research I discovered that none of us really have a money problem. We have a vision problem. There is plenty of money in the world. The question is what to do with it all? Or, more specifically in relation to you, the question might be “what would you do with it all, especially in a spiritual sense?”

This is an important question for you to answer because it will help you root out your fundamental beliefs and conditionings about money. These start early, both in relation to what your parents taught you about money (or didn’t), and what any religious or spiritual background believed about whether money was spiritual or not. Though affirmations and visualizations can be powerful tools for change, if you do not get to the basic assumptions you hold about money to begin with, they may not be enough.
Typically, there are three basic assumptions about money, especially about accumulating great sums of money, I am finding. First, money is viewed as something that can spiritually corrupt us. Second, money is viewed as something that we have a spiritual “right” to. Third, money is part of life and we go through developmental stages in relation to it. Let us briefly review these and see which belief you might really be holding.

Many spiritual paths assert that the spiritual life is about learning to give the most of what we have in service to others. Through the development of love and compassion we see ourselves in others, and no longer wish to exploit them through over-consumption or greed on our part. Within traditions that emphasize this, money can be seen as a corrupting influence because it reverses the emphasis into a desire to consume at a never-ending rate. Those who have been conditioned by this assumption are often confused about money in their lives, never knowing what is and isn’t acceptable to have in one’s life. This can lead to being a loving and well-intentioned person, without the resources to actualize your talents, or the power to change the world for the better.

The second idea that money is our spiritual “right” comes in different forms. In can appear in the classic idea that “God gave me my money” (as John D. Rockefeller asserted in his life), because we “deserved” it more than others somehow. This can be attributed to being more spiritual, more intelligent, or having used magical processes (prayer, affirmations, etc.) more effectively than others. The only difficulty with this idea is that selfishness and the ego can creep in causing us to justify excess and even cruelty in our lives, in the name of our being spiritually superior to others in our accumulation of wealth.

The final idea explains that money, like eating, is a natural part of life. Like eating, the more conscious we can become of our use of it, the more effective we can become in our lives. Thus, the quest for money is part of a process, that eventually we master and even sublimate as other spiritual needs take over (like developing wisdom and compassion). Here, it is not so much whether you have money or not, but what you do with it when you have it.

Which leads us to the fundamental question. What would you do with money if you had it? Here is where “vision” comes in. Is this “vision” mostly about how you would live in the lap of luxury? If so, you may achieve this, but spiritually there may be a cost. Is your vision about wanting to use your talents to really contribute something? Then, I suggest you drop the emphasis on money, and turn instead to getting the resources (money is only a part of this) to help this come true. Resources include: believing in yourself and not being afraid to cultivate your God-given talents; letting people into your life who believe in what you are doing and want to support you (financially or otherwise); and having integrity and wisdom in relation to using your talents and the resources entrusted to you. With this much in your life, money can’t be that far off.

As for an affirmation, try these on, “My talents are cultivated to serve the greatest good. Others support me emotionally, creatively, and financially to manifest my vision. I live with integrity and wisdom as I utilize my talents and resources for the benefit of myself and others.”
Let me know how it goes.

To Your Prosperity,

Dr. Lisa

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