Keeping the Heart Open When Life Disappoints

I’ve written about it a number of times, but it is worth the reminder.  How do we keep our hearts open when life disappoints?  I
know of no better way then the practice of compassion.  Compassion involves the art of sitting with your suffering as if you are in the midst of a Divine friend who is shining love upon you like a golden sun that both cools the anger in your heart and then melts the ice that lies on top of the anger.

It also involves the capacity to look at life with a calm, clear, and loving detachment.  Knowing how to get to this point is the same as knowing how to cultivate the witness or observer.  This observer is not cold and calculated, however.  It is wise and all-knowing and many people find it helpful to imagine this observer to be an aspect of Spirit, or a loving spiritual teacher, or akin to an angel watching over you.

In the loving light of that observer you are both able to heal your hurt and to move into loving acceptance of what is.  This acceptance is not resignation.  It is very much related to that famous saying about changing what you can, realizing what you cannot, and having the wisdom to know the difference.  If you can change it insight will emerge.  That insight will reveal how you or others need to do your shadow work, to look at ways you, or others around you were unskillful and unwise in their
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

But, without that willingness to do the shadow work on the part of yourself or others, change may not occur.  For change and the desire to do the work in the shadow can only happen if people are willing to look and to become more responsible, caring, loving, forgiving, compassionate, and wise.  If not, then acceptance that change cannot occur frees you to let go – to move on.  And, even there the heart can be utilized to offer compassion within the acceptance of what cannot change, what cannot be.

Through compassion then the heart doesn’t break and crumble, it breaks open and expands.  There love is born, love is known for yourself – for others –  for all!

Love and blessings,


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