True Freedom is Found in Selflessness Not Self

In the United States people often talk about our right to “life, liberty, and happiness.”  Yet, none of these can be found when we are
self-indulgent, disconnected from others and the world around us, and only into power and pleasure.  Even brain research demonstrates happiness is found more in selfless acts of random loving kindness than self-indulgent pursuits.  That is why they have discovered that the brain gets the same kind of chemical hit as if it were on cocaine when people are being selfless and loving towards others (get The Happy Movie at to learn more).

And, how can we have life, liberty (freedom) and happiness when we know we are causing those around us suffering and pain because of our willful disregard of their needs and desires?  True freedom is found only in knowing who you are as a spiritual being here to serve others.  Life is only found when together we are concerned about our collective humanity, otherwise we are only destroying ourselves, as so many people are doing in the mass suicide of the human race caused by over-consumption, greed, disregarding the rights and freedoms of others, and the depletion of the environment.

Men  especially want to talk about “freedom!”  But, freedom for what?  Freedom to do whatever you want as a separated personality?  As I have written about in my Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction book, that is one of the biggest delusions of the law of attraction when it is used in a selfish versus a selfless way. Is freedom also the ability to have power over others so they will comply to your wishes and do what you want?  Is freedom the ability to indulge in constant hedonistic
pleasure?  Is freedom the right to have it at the expense of others life, liberty, and happiness?

That can never be.  As dictators fall around the planet and the environment is being decimated by out of control weather as never before the message is simple.  Freedom only comes about by freeing yourself to be your Higher Self, and by creating more life, liberty, and happiness for others.

Otherwise,  what do you have?  Guilt.  Paranoia.  Addiction.  Abuse.  Some happiness, live, and liberty in that.  That is just slavery
self-imposed.  So, whey you sound the battle cry for freedom consider the above.  For true freedom can never be found in selfishness, only in SELF, service, and love.

Love and blessings,


Copyright 2011 by Dr. Lisa Love. All rights reserved.


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