True Happiness & Freedom Only Come Through Discovering the Self

My life, like many people’s, has had it’s share of ups and downs.  Through it all the only way I know of to keep alive the joy inside is to constantly remind myself who I really am in this world.   There is a saying from the Osho Zen Tarot that innocence comes from a deep experience of life that is childlike, not childish.  It embraces the light and shadow in the world and by seeing and accepting the presence of it all, true innocence, or wisdom is born.  The Osho Zen Tarot also states that the truly free person is a rebel, someone who cannot be enslaved because that person has come to know the true Self.

Recently I took a few more blows in life, disappointments as things did not turn out as hoped.  And, I admit I spent a brief day or two in a mope.  That’s ok, as my soon to be released book Feeling Good & Living Great explains, there are no bad feelings.  All feelings have a gift to give you if you know how to embrace them.  The gift of what I was going through involved setting boundaries, letting go, and being true to myself.

But, when I say that I am being true to myself, I don’t mean that I, Lisa, am just trying to fulfill my own personal needs.  Some of that is involved, but it is a higher Self I am speaking of.  That Self shatters boundaries and illusions of all kinds.  That Self gives me the opportunity to see the folly of it all, laugh at myself, and return to innocence where wisdom is embraced head (and heart) on.

Deepak Chopra says in his book Unconditional Life that most people choose to control their unhappiness instead of letting it go.  I believe many people attempt to control that unhappiness by finding ways to medicate themselves so they can pretend that they are
not really as unhappy as they feel.  But, the Osho Zen Tarot indicates that the only true way to happiness is to become a Rebel.  “The Rebel is not fighting against anybody or anything, but has discovered his own true nature and is determined to live in accordance with it.”  Also, “the Rebel challenges us to be courageous enough to take responsibility for who we are and to live our truth.”

How do we do this?  How do we become Rebels, or truly happy and free people in the highest sense of the word?  First, it requires a true state of innocence, where you embrace light and shadow in yourself and others.  Second, it requires knowing your true purpose, your spiritual calling, your reason for being here on this Earth.  Third, it requires courage to live according to principles that keep you in integrity and wholeness, true to your inner nature.  Fourth, it requires compassion and love, for only love can bring about a true healing that frees you from your wounds adn your unhappiness so you can be who you really are.

The Osho Zen Tarot also says that instead of healing people prefer to “carry their wounds.”  “With your ego your whole being is wounded,” it goes on to state.  The ego is the selfish, protected, and defended part of who you are.  That wound, that ego, can only be healed when you drop your defenses, strip down naked, and expose the wound at its roots.  Then the weeds of your suffering can be uprooted.  Then you can cry and be vulnerable.  You drop out of your head and into your heart allowing it to be soft,
tender, with your “heart breaking open” (as Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh calls it).

And, as your heart breaks open you find it, the Self.  Like a transfusion of blood it fills your body and awakens your nervous system reminding you of who you really are as the Self.  It also reveals the sweetness of this moment, the sweetness of life.  Now, there is no seeking, or grasping, desiring, or doing.  There is just the Now.  But, don’t think for a moment that the Now is just a moment in time.  The Now is beyond time.  It is not found in seconds, or days, or even years.  It encompasses all moments.  The Now is eternity.  It is timeless.    And, in that timeless moment the Self is discovered allowing you to be liberated, free, happy, whole, healed, and at peace.

Love and blessings,


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