When the Spiritual Quest Ends Real Spiritual Life Begins

It is a natural stage to go in search of your Higher Self, Spirit, or God.  Yet, there is a faster way to Self-Realization that does not involve slowly trudging up the mountain, rather it involves leaping automatically to the top and in fact becoming the mountain itself.  And, some even say that the “old path” is to go on a quest, but the “new path” is to know you have already arrived.  How do we discern the difference between the two paths and learn to choose the later?  Simple.  Service.

Here is a way to understand the difference. Undergoing a spiritual quest is like going in search of some water.  So we travel here, take a class there, try a technique here, study with a teacher there, so on and so forth.  For many decades I did this in my life and I understand how it goes.  But, at some point you wake up and you realize YOU ARE THE WATER!  You are what you are searching for.  You are Spirit, God, Goddess, the Divine — whatever you want to call it.  Now what?

Now your focus radically shifts.  You are no longer on a quest because you have found what you have been looking for and you are it.  And, it is at this point that the focus of spiritual life shifts.  Your life becomes more about your spiritual purpose and finding ways to fulifll it through service.

That purpose can be in a variety of fields and it will uniquely match your talents and gifts.  Maybe it is in the field of science, politics. teaching, engineering, parenting, relationships, education, healing, marketing, business, arts, acting, whatever!  The
point is your life is no longer about flitting around just tasting and enjoying, having fun here and there, wandering around and going through and just sampling the menu.  Your life is about service, which requires a greater focus than the questing stage allows.

And, that is precisely where the ego rebels.  The ego wants to be “free.”  It wants to aspire to the spiritual path, but it doesn’t want to be disciplined in it, which is really no freedom at all.  It is like wanting to be “free” to be healthy without disciplining yourself to eat right and exercise.  True freedom requires discipline and effort.  Only then can you get to another level.  For example, now that you are healthy you have far more “freedom” because you are in better shape to enjoy and experience life.

Spiritual practice is the same way.  At first the ego doesn’t want to really have to find a spiritual purpose.  It doesn’t want to go through the disciplines to put that purpose into practice.  It doesn’t want to wake up everyday and focus on what one is here to give versus simply enjoy.  And, it doesn’t want to think about that giving in a focused versus a casual haphazard way.  Why not?  Because the ego believes it has more freedom this way.  But, think about it.  If you are really focused on how your gifts and talents
can serve others, how many more people will open up their hearts to you than if you are mostly focused on entertaining yourself?  How many more people will create opportunities for you to share your service, than if you don’t offer much of a service at all or do it only in a haphazard way?

Believe me I know about this kind of rebellion.  I have lived the life of wanting to just flit about here and there.  The end result was that Spirit kept pushing my ego onward until it realized more and more that only by finding and fulfilling my spiritual purpose, would real freedom emerge.  Does this mean the spiritual quest for me has ended?  In some ways no, but in many ways yes.  As I exercise the muscles of living my spiritual purpose and acting from a place of focused service, I am discovering that realizations about spiritual life come much faster than before.  I live less and less in the illusion that I need to search for Spirit (or water) out there!  I am IT in here and everywhere.  That’s the freedom.  That’s the joy!  That’s the bliss!  May I continue to know IT, be IT,
and share IT with all of you who are IT as well.

Love and blessings,


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  1. Flit:To move quickly from one condition or location to another.

    Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/flit#ixzz1VLcUtxfX

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