Wish Them Happiness or Consciousness?

Recently I read an article from a spiritual teacher on how to heal broken relationships.  She said, “Wish them happiness and move on.”  Now  of course I want everyone to be happy.  But, more than that I want them  to be conscious!  I want them to wake up.  And, frequently we wake up more when we are unhappy (and our egos don’t get what they want) then when we are happy (and our egos think they can keep getting away with indulging their selfish, cruel, thoughtless, and addictive behaviors).

As I write in my book Feeling Good and Living Great  (www.doctorlisalove.com) being released in paperback June 2011,
happiness can be a destructive and well as a constructive emotion.  And,  to think someone could be abusive and cruel (like those who commit genocide and violence in this world), and just go off and be happy afterwards (indulging in more wine, women, and song) seems just flat out  unfair and wrong.

Now, in wishing people to wake up and become more conscious, caring, and compassionate I don’t want to do it in a vindictive way.  Sure, I understand that emotion (I also write about that in my Feeling Good and Living Great book).   Anger happens when we feel we have been disrespected or misunderstood by someone.  Just punishing someone and trying to make them unhappy
doesn’t make them respect you, respect themselves, or become more compassionate and caring individuals.  It can actually make them more shut down, selfish, and cruel.

But, I do want people to wake up!  That may mean they do so in a way that doesn’t bring suffering to them (I hope so), but it may mean they need to have their hearts break open to learn more compassion and empathy for others. So, I say more than wishing someone happiness when they hurt you, wish them to be conscious.  Wish them to wake up.  Happiness in the true sense only
happens when we wake up anyway.  Even brain research is showing that when we are selfless and loving towards self and others, it is more of a high than being on cocaine.  (Get The Happy Movie to learn more about this at http://www.thehappymovie.com).

So wake up, Lisa.  Wake up everyone.  Wake up world.  Then you will be happy.  Then you will be conscious.  Then you will know that you are loved.

Love and blessings,


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