The Path to Love – Help a Million vs. Make a Million

For decades now people, even those in spiritual circles, have lived according to the notion that the goal in life is to make a million (or even a billion) dollars.  But, as my book BEYOND THE SECRET revealed, this approach leads us far away from the path of love.  It is almost common knowledge that after people get their basic needs met (and I mean basic), their capacity for happiness goes down if they don’t become good stewards of their money for the good of all.  To compensate for their egotistical (and sometimes sociopathic) tendencies they resort to more and more addictive, controlling, and abusive tendencies.  In many ways they are “stomach down people.”  They are people who live from the lower drives of power, pleasure, and security and ignore the higher needs of love, compassion, honesty, integrity, vision, and unity with all.

Yet, before the masses become critical of those with wealth let us remember that there is nothing wrong with wealth per se.  As I have often said, if the 1.250 billionaires in the world gave away only 1 billion of their many billions to the 7 billion people on the planet, we would not have significantly less difficulties in the world today.  Fortunately, a number of wealthy people are good stewards of their wealth, though many are not.  But, here is my point – giving away money from the rich to the poor is not the answer.  Raising consciousness is the answer so that we live according to an ethic of LOVE.

What does an ethic of love look like?  Well, it doesn’t look like what most magazines present to us that glorify excess consumption.  Over and over we see celebrities spending anywhere between $30 million dollars on a wedding to $6000 on a pair of boots.  And, we are supposed to be excited and impressed by this?  Consider then how many lives could have been saved on this planet for this same amount of cash.  $100 can keep a child alive for a year in Africa.  So that is 60 lives that could have been saved for one pair of boots or 300,000 lives that could have been saved for a year for one wedding bash.  Yet, instead of feeling repulsed by this, magazines that show us these excessive lifestyles make a ton of cash.

So, why are we doing this?  And, are YOU doing this?  What are we teaching our children around the world with this kind of unloving ethic?  And, why do we want to glorify making a million over and over again as if excessive consumption, greed, and self-indulgent egotistical excess leads to happiness when over and over again we learn that it doesn’t?

An ethic of love looks much different.  It helps a million over making a million and the magazines would then be full of people who live relatively simply giving most of their cash away to help others once their basic needs are met (which can be done at about 50K a year).  Plus, when you are focused on service and helping others, there is nothing to fear. You can lose your money and your power.  But, you can never lose an opportunity to reach out and love others.   At least that is what my BEYOND THE SECRET book asserted one year before the economic crash happened (which I predicted was coming as early as January 2008).  And, I still assert it now.  HELP A MILLION and insist that those who have a million help a million as well.  That is the path to love and the new ethic that will lead us onto that path in the future.



Copyright 2011 by Dr. Lisa Love. All rights reserved.

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