Take Back Your Power and Love Yourself

September 6, 2011

As a professional counselor for years I would tell people they needed to learn to love themselves.  But, beyond a platitude, how do you actually do that?  Ironically, one of the ways I discovered how to love yourself, was to consider all the ways people (especially women) were not loving themselves.  And, the more I thought about that, the more I realized that one of the main reasons women were not loving themselves was because of what they were being taught about love (almost all false) especially from movies.  Starting way back as young as when women are girls, they are being taught a variety of false notions about love.  These notions include:

  • Putting yourself last and your man first.
  • Waiting to live your life until a man comes and finds you.
  • Tolerating beastly behaviors.
  • Playing dumb and refusing to see the shadow side of life.
  • Misunderstanding how men learn to love and then confusing sex with love.
  • Settling for half a relationship instead of a whole one.
  • Much, much more!

Ultimately, these false notions were changed into their opposites creating a blueprint for how women (and men) could take back their power, love themselves, and learn to really love each other in the process.  Some of those opposites include:

  • Putting yourself and your dreams first in a healthy way.
  • Getting conscious about what you really want and finding healthy ways to pursue it.
  • Teaching others to treat you well because you know what good treatment looks like and feels like.
  • Knowing how to deal with the light and shadow in an effective way.
  • Discovering how to get a man to really love you.
  • Bringing together love and sex in a playful and healthy way.
  • Learning how to be whole so you can have a whole and truly loving relationship.
  • Settling for half a relationship instead of a whole one.
  • Much, much more!

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Changing into Someone You Are Not – Ariel, the Little Mermaid – How NOT to Love Yourself

August 31, 2011

Is a man really loving you for you, or are you really loving yourself if you turn into a change project to become someone you are not? That is what Princess Ariel does, also known as the Little Mermaid. And, is trying to please a man by morphing into someone else she is just one more example of HOW NOT TO LOVE YOURSELF, the name of the new book by Dr. Lisa Love. Are you acting in a naïve way like Snow White? If so, learn how to stop. The book is also available as a combined text, audio, video course at DailyOM.com under the title TAKE BACK YOUR POWER AND LOVE YOURSELF


Putting Yourself Last – Princess Cinderella – How NOT to Love Yourself

August 31, 2011

Are you messing up your chances for love the way Princess Cinderella did by putting yourself last in your quest for a prince? If so you are learning HOW NOT TO LOVE YOURSELF, the name of the new book by Dr. Lisa Love. Also available as a combined text, audio, video course at DailyOM.com under the title TAKE BACK YOUR POWER AND LOVE YOURSELF

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Beyond the Secret: Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction

January 23, 2011

Below is a listing of the Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction listed in my book
BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction.

Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction

Experience a 10 step process that will help you manifest the life you are meant to live.
It’s as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!


Orient Towards Spirit.

Know that essentially you are Spirit. As you surrender to Spirit you come from fullness, not lack. Esentially, the more fulfilled you are the less you need to attract. Rather, you become a conduit for love to emerge and find true satisfaction in living a life of service.

Negate the Ego.

Discover the ways your ego stops you from experiencing true joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind. The ego is always about grasping. It feeds on fear and encourages a constant feeling of lack. Thus, you learn to observe your ego and infuse it with Spirit overtime negating it’s constant tendency to play what I call “The See Me Game”, which always calls attention to your little self.

Engage the Soul.

The soul is the bridge between Spirit and the ego. Essentially, the soul is consciousness and love. the ego is ultimately only diminished through love. As you engage the soul you clarify and strengthen your values. You live a life of love. And, you create soul stories instead of ego stories to inspire and motivate you.


Take Time to Align.

As your ego becomes filled increasingly with Spirit through consciousness and love, you shift your identity increasingly to BE-NESS, or Spirit. Now, you align the thoughts, feelings, and actions that exist in the realm of the ego by cleaning up negative karma and shifting old patterns so you can live more fully in the present moment.

Watch and Listen.

The more the various aspects of your ego (thoughts, feelings, actions) align with Spirit the more you are able to enter the silence. Here within the silence you enter the flow and follow in a more natural way what Spirit (which is you) wants for you to be, have, and attract in life. The intuition is also cultivated allowing you to listen more deeply to the realm of Spirit primarily through meditation and other intuitive means.

Order Your Thoughts.

As you descend more into the realm of thought (and the lower realms of the dense world of the ego) mind-stuff is activated. Always the grasping nature of the ego needs to be avoided at this stage, as it can easily come into play. As the mind is held in the light of Spirit, a concrete plan for manifesting your service emerges. Typical law of attraction tools such as visualization, affirmations, and mind-mapping are all useful at this stage.


Tap Into Your Feelings.

Especially at the level of feelings the ego can overwhelm the original intention that Spirit is attempting to manifest and attract into your life. Learning to develop emotional mastery is especially important at this stage by understanding the gift of every emotion allowing you to use all of them in a conscious and effective way. Then your emotions can turn into a powerful tool for increasing the momentum you need to succeed to illuminate your life with love and to manifest your service lovingly into the world around you.

Highlight the Shadow in Others.

Especially as you prepare to manifest a service into the world the dense ego states of others (their thoughts, feelings, and actions) can rise up to oppose you. Learning to work with the ego states of others in a loving, detached, and effective way is important and helps you understand how to improve the situation by ideally transforming them, or if this is not possible coping with them, or if need be walking away from them altogether.

Remove the Shadow in Yourself.

As we near success in getting what we want the ego once again can rear it’s head. Jesus experienced this in the desert after his baptism and Buddha went through it under the Bodhi Tree. All the trappings of success can produce the “Shadow Side of the Law of Attraction” as we slip away from our identity with Spirit and once again get caught up in the lure of fame, wealth, beauty, and all the numerous games our egos play to try to “prove” how special we are, forgetting as Spirit all are special and we are everyone around us.

Execute and Easy Does It!

Moving into the realm of action skill is still required to manifest our service in the world. Skills inlcude the ability to develop a keen sense of timing, making sure you have something of real value to offer, and knowing how to build a support team to help you sustain what you manifest so it can come into full flowering in the world.


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Musings on Moving Beyond the Ego’s Use of the Law of Attraction

January 31, 2009
While doing research on my newest book (the follow up to my Beyond the Secret book), I was reviewing some of my favorite texts from various spiritual teachers I admire. I was particularly struck by what I read in Wayne Teasdale’s THE MYSTIC HEART about some of the ideas of Thomas Keating’s writings on “the false self.”

To summarize, Teasdale shares how in our early years if we do not get what we need in the way of security, love, and a feeling of mastery and control over our environment, we will compensate for it in the following ways:

1) Not enough of security as a child — compensating with an over-emphasis on material prosperity.

2) Not enough love as a child — seeking out the approval of others (even pursuing fame to do so).

3) Not enough control as a child — attempts to dominate others at work, in the family, and everywhere!

GOODNESS! No wonder so many people stress using the law of attraction to get money, approval, and as a means to control their environments. How riddled they must be with feelings of fear, believing inside they are fundamentally unlovable, and that they are out of control in this world and need to compensate for it all by using the law of attraction to find ways to be totally in control. And, maybe this is why research showed a few years ago that despite how prosperous American’s were they scored very high on the unhappiness scale. How sad, because it means that essentially we have way too many children (both young and inside the bodies of adults still) who feel insecure, unloved, and out of control.

This said, perhaps the antidote to using the law of attraction in a more spiritual (versus egotistical way) is to show people how to feel inwardly secure (which comes about by knowing how to wisely intuit and rely upon the Divine), loved for who they are (no matter what the outer appearance of their lives), and using surrender (and my formula of Surrender-Align-Contribute) so they no longer feel the need to control and give it over more to the Divine flow!

Well, I guess that is what the spiritual quest is all about really. Learning how to heal the wounds of our childhood to help us overcome the ego and live in the light, love, joy, and freedom of the Divine!

Blessings as you pursue yours!


Meditation: The Path to Peace Ebook

December 10, 2007

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    LoveMovies! Reviews, Book, Web Site

    June 27, 2007

    Along with everything else that is happening in my life, I have been busy refining work that I did last year for a company called LoveMovies!  As co-founder of the company, and now owner, I have finished off the official LOVEMOVES! Films Empower Life — Guide to Watching Films book.  It is an 80-page book that will be available soon for sale online.  The book reveals how to watch movies in a new way and also gives information on the special kind of movie reviews I was creating.  Look for the release of the book and 50 plus reviews very soon!  You can also learn more by visiting www.LoveMoviesReviews.com