Meditation as a Major Tool to Expand Your Heart

September 6, 2011

(The following is an excerpt from MEDITATION: THE PATH TO PEACE).

At this level meditation is also less oriented towards expansions of consciousness. These will continually occur.  Rather, meditation is now a process of anchoring your understanding that you live in the eternal by revealing it to others primarily by sustaining yourself in its deep abiding peace. Because of this when you have truly reached this level you rarely, and ideally never, are disrupted mentally, emotionally, and physically by the transitory nature of your outer life.

This awareness so fills you with the reality of love in the Universe you are drenched in this love on a moment by moment basis. Despite all outer appearances of pain and suffering, the reason behind suffering is revealed to you. Suffering is after all, simply ignorance of our true nature as love. Aware of this love, suffering ceases. At the same time out of your ability and desire to love others, you remain sensitive to the suffering around you.  You comprehend how ignorance continues to produce suffering in the world. Out of a need for compassion you do your best to relieve the world of this ignorance, and to awaken others regarding their true identities as spiritual beings. In this way the pain and trauma caused by an illusory separation from spiritual essence diminishes. The nature of Reality is increasingly revealed. That nature being primarily one of LOVE.

Benefit Exercise, Seven. Take some time to consider the following: “What would it mean to you if you were in fact, loved?” “If indeed, despite all outer appearances the Universe around you was a sea of compassion and love? And, that all appearance of suffering, were really manifestations of ignorance as to the existence of this love?” Think of the moments in your life when you felt you “glimpsed” this sense of love. Then ask yourself, “What would your life be like and how would you be if no matter what happened to you in life, this presence of love, always infused you, and surrounded you?” After reflecting for some minutes, affirm to yourself here and now, ”I am One with All. All is Love. This is my only security. This is my only identity.” Stay with this affirmation and as you do so, reflect how it feels to rest within this statement.  Learn more about the book MEDITATION: THE PATH TO PEACE by Dr. Lisa Love.

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Spiritual Lessons for the Month of February

January 23, 2011
Spiritual Gift: “Sharing our talents and gifts.”
Spiritual Lesson: “Humility.”

The month of February is a month where we celebrate the qualities of equality and freedom. It has no totem animal, but is represented by the Water Bearer pouring forth the “waters of life” to others. Valentine’s Day and the birthday of Abraham Lincoln in the United States, are reminders that if we circulate what we receive from the month of January (for the sake of empowering, understanding, and uplifting others), we help bring this world one step closer towards becoming a world-wide human family. What does it take to do this? How can we become “water-bearers” of life giving energy using our gifts to strengthen the bonds of connection between us?

First, we must have something to give. If our “water-pot” is empty because we are too hurt, confused, powerless, or insecure to even know what we have to offer others, we have nothing available to alleviate the needs of “thirsty” people. Also, if our “water-pot” is polluted with our own ego drives (causing us to want to be special and dominate others), we may have something to give to needy people, but the end result will be their enslavement, not liberation. The waters are not life giving, but feed upon their fears, insecurities, and makes them feel different from others. We may also cause those who drink the polluted water we give them to chase after fantasies and other delusions, where they also seek to become the special “elite” within a group atmosphere. The only remedy to this is the quality of humility.

Humility is a great lesson and gift of the month of February. Truly great people are humble people who understand clearly both their assets and liabilities. They have a clear assessment of their gifts and what they can, and cannot, contribute to others. They also know that even the greatest accomplishment is small in comparison to the vast majesty, power, and magic of the Universe. Knowing this humble people seek to use their gifts (waters of life) for the benefit of others, in a way that empowers them. Without seeking to place the attention on themselves, humble people go about their daily lives constantly seeking to improve the quality of the lives of others. Because of this others respect them and this mutual feeling of respect brings about greater harmony in our world. With humility then this is a good month to consider the following questions for contemplation….

Questions to meditate upon during the month of February include:

1. What do I have stored in my “water pot?” How willing and ready am I to circulate and share these with others?
2. What freedoms do I have a right to exercise now, having demonstrated my willingness to cultivate a greater sense of responsibility (a key lesson for the month of January)?
3. How am I building up my network with other groups for the sake of expanding my radius of contact, communication, and access to new ideas at this time? How am I helping others to do the same?
4. In what ways do I need to become a more effective communicator of ideas that help unite others into a greater whole? What spiritual, psychological, sociological, and/or technological tools can I utilize to assist me in this?
5. How can I expand my understanding of the word “group” to include a deeper compassion for, appreciation of, and insight towards a group that might seem foreign to me?
6. What tendencies to stand on my isolated spiritual mountain (because I feel too superior or inferior compared to others) prevent me from joyfully circulating my ideas as an equal amongst equals? How can I break through this and enjoy the process of what I am here to contribute for the well-being of myself and the world?

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