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December 9, 2007

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FREE Audio Meditation!Peace Meditation – Use the Law of Attraction to create peace in your life and more peace on the Earth! Listen to this original music meditation and guided visualization by narrator and musician Dennis Connor. 4 minutes in length.

FREE Audio Meditation!Visualizing Your Day – Coordinate your mind and body and then allow yourself to visualize your day in this original music meditation by narrator and musician Dennis Connor. 8 minutes in length.

FREE Mini Email Courses

Feel Well to Live Well – Learn how to work with your emotions well and get practical instruction on how to deal with five of the most powerful emotions in an effective way!

Revitalize Romance – It isn’t hard to keep romance alive in your relationship if you focus on what is really essential to bring about love and joy into a relationship.

Stop Setting Goals & Start Getting Goals – Tired of setting goals over and over again that you never seem to reach? Learn six important strategies to help you finally get your goals met once and for all.

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