Meditation as a Major Tool to Expand Your Heart

September 6, 2011

(The following is an excerpt from MEDITATION: THE PATH TO PEACE).

At this level meditation is also less oriented towards expansions of consciousness. These will continually occur.  Rather, meditation is now a process of anchoring your understanding that you live in the eternal by revealing it to others primarily by sustaining yourself in its deep abiding peace. Because of this when you have truly reached this level you rarely, and ideally never, are disrupted mentally, emotionally, and physically by the transitory nature of your outer life.

This awareness so fills you with the reality of love in the Universe you are drenched in this love on a moment by moment basis. Despite all outer appearances of pain and suffering, the reason behind suffering is revealed to you. Suffering is after all, simply ignorance of our true nature as love. Aware of this love, suffering ceases. At the same time out of your ability and desire to love others, you remain sensitive to the suffering around you.  You comprehend how ignorance continues to produce suffering in the world. Out of a need for compassion you do your best to relieve the world of this ignorance, and to awaken others regarding their true identities as spiritual beings. In this way the pain and trauma caused by an illusory separation from spiritual essence diminishes. The nature of Reality is increasingly revealed. That nature being primarily one of LOVE.

Benefit Exercise, Seven. Take some time to consider the following: “What would it mean to you if you were in fact, loved?” “If indeed, despite all outer appearances the Universe around you was a sea of compassion and love? And, that all appearance of suffering, were really manifestations of ignorance as to the existence of this love?” Think of the moments in your life when you felt you “glimpsed” this sense of love. Then ask yourself, “What would your life be like and how would you be if no matter what happened to you in life, this presence of love, always infused you, and surrounded you?” After reflecting for some minutes, affirm to yourself here and now, ”I am One with All. All is Love. This is my only security. This is my only identity.” Stay with this affirmation and as you do so, reflect how it feels to rest within this statement.  Learn more about the book MEDITATION: THE PATH TO PEACE by Dr. Lisa Love.

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Benefits of Meditation

December 25, 2007

In the deepest sense, meditation is perhaps the most powerful tool at our disposal. Since meditation is often equated with mystical or magical processes, it is too easily discounted and demeaned. Yet, meditation practices have remained essential to every truly creative and spiritual person throughout history. In short, the benefits of meditation are enormous! Some of the benefits of meditation can already be inferred from reviewing the basic definitions previously given. The most obvious ones include reducing stress through relaxation, and facilitating concentration by bringing the mind into sharper focus. These benefits are obvious because of their immediate impacts. The primary purpose of meditation goes far beyond this. Meditation is a primarily a technical process by which we alchemize and change our fundamental identity. Like the caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, meditation is the tool by which we transform into an entirely new way of Being. Through it we gain concrete revelations regarding the nature of Spirit, and our essential immortality. This is the highest goal meditation can offer. It is also the last result we are likely to achieve. Before this takes place, many other advantages are progressively built in along the way. Let us briefly review these:

1. Producing a reasonable amount of physical well-being so there is health and vitality in the physical instrument. 

2. Creating a state of calm, joy, and optimism in the emotional instrument so problems and opportunities can be faced with courage and right action. 

3. Bringing peace of mind, discrimination, and “mindfulness” to the mental faculties so life can be seen clearly, allowing for reasonable and correct evaluation of reality. 

4. Coordinating an individual’s thinking, feeling, and acting components so he or she can more effectively carry out specific goals and intentions. 

5. Changing the identification of the individual from an egotistical focus, towards awakening and becoming receptive to the identity of being a soul. 

6. Producing continual transferences of identity so the individual continues to expand in conscious awareness. 

7. Facilitating the state of equilibrium at any one level by stabilizing the new vibration so an individual can embody and become the new level of identification. 

8. Allowing for the insights which help produce the means to be creative at whatever new level of identification one has reached. 

     Meditation involves an evolutionary process. As you can see, each benefit above builds on the one preceding it.  Though not every level needs to be mastered, proficiency is essential if we are to gain (and in return give) the most from meditative exercises.  As we progress throughout this course, we will deepen our understanding of primarily the first four benefits listed.  This is because they are the ones most readily grasped and applied by practitioners of meditation.  The majority of readings, questions, and multi-media meditations you encounter will help you achieve greater mastery along these lines.  Once you are able to ground your basic understanding and practice of these first four steps, you can move onto mastering the remaining steps in other advanced courses along these lines.  

Study Guide Questions for Consideration.

(Please answer the following questions to evaluate how you relate to the above).  

  1. Consider what benefits you hope to gain from pursuing meditation practice.  Evaluate your motivations and reasons behind this.

  2. Why in your opinion are the first four steps listed above considered so important as foundation to advanced meditative work?

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